Courses in Technology Management

IEMS5711 Technology Management From a Managerial Perspective

The course covers two areas in technology management: (1) Strategies: Strategic business objectives of using information system; nature of IT systems and its impacts on business processes; theories governing the relationship between IT systems and organizations; and (2) Management: The identification, management and marketing of disruptive technologies; strategic lessons learnt from the history of the PC industry; e-Commerce features, types, business and revenue models, the essential skills of IS project management, IT career development.

*Not for students who have taken DSME5210

IEMS5719 Technology Strategy

This course introduces technology strategy and management. The challenges of technology companies (such as hardware, software, internet, consumer electronics, communications and networking) regardless they are in startup or mature stage, are very different from other industries. They need to consider five aspects carefully to formulate an effective strategy. A framework of strategy in technology-intensive companies will be introduced. This framework consists of 5 components:

1. Network Effects
2. Multi-sided Platforms
3. Intellectual Property (IP) and Standards
4. Technology Commercialization
5. Digital Convergence