Students Activities and Recruitment Talks

A wide range of student activities and workshops are also provided as one of the programme characteristics.

Student Activities from Sept 2017 to Now:

Welcome Dinner 1st September, 2017

MScIE Alumni Sharing (Deloitte)  8th Septeber, 2017

Writing Impressive CVs and Application Letters (in English) 12th September, 2017

Interview Skills and CV Writing Workshop (in Chinese) 19th September, 2017

A tour visit and career talk at ASTRI 15th September, 2017

Mock Interview Practice and Self Reflection workshops 26th and 27th September, 2017

MScIE Alumni Sharing   (Netease Games and Webank)  28th October, 2017

Pizza and Sandwich Party 21st Novermber, 2017

Fishing and BBQ at Blessed Villa 20th Janurary, 2018

MScIE Alumni Sharing (Rolex, Huawei, PCCW, Digitcube Limited Company) 28th January, 2018

HIKvision Recruitment Talk and Alumni Sharing 16th March, 2018

Pizza and Sandwich Party 23rd March, 2018

Scholarship Ceremony and Graduation Dinner  2017-2018 30th April, 2018


Student Activities from Sept 2016 to 2017:

Welcome Dinner 2016-2017 2nd September, 2016

Huawei Noah’s Ark Recruitment Talk 7th September, 2016

Writing Impressive CVs and Application Letters ( in English) 4th October, 2016

Interview Skills and CV Writing Workshop (in Chinese) 5th October, 2016

Light Painting Workshop at CUHK 18th October, 2016

9GAG Career Talk 21th October, 2016

MScIE Logo Competition 24th October, 2016

Programme Promotion Talks in China ( South China University of Technology, Sun Yat-Sen University) 1st November, 2016

Octopus Holdings Limited Recruitment Talk 4th November, 2016

Pizza and Sandwich Party 8th November, 2016

Alumni Sharing (Pwc, Tecent, Pccw)  19th November, 2016

Homecoming Christmas Party 17th December, 2016

Alumni Sharing (HSBC, Midea, WeBank) 12th February, 2017

CMI Recruitment Talk 28th February, 2017

Indoor Wargame and Lunch at Langham Place 27th February, 2017

The Werewolf of Miller’s Hollow & Other Boardgames 27th February, 2017

Admission Seminar at CUHK 4th March, 2017

CMHK Recruitment Talk 6th March, 2017

Pizza and Sandwich Party 15th March, 2017

IE Choir at ERG Concert 24th March, 2017

Scholarship Ceremony and Graduation Dinner  2016-2017 12th April, 2017


Student Activities from Sept 2015 - 2016:

Welcome Dinner 1st September, 2015

P2 Mobile Technologies Recruitement Talk 14th October, 2015

Pizza Party 12th November, 2015

Oracle Career Sharing  23rd  November,2015

TCL Campus Recruitment Talk   26th November, 2015

Bowling and Dinner at Sai Kung  28th December, 2015

Boardgame gathering and Winning Competition  16th January, 2016

Seminar: Opportunities and Experiences from Hong Kong, Silicon Valley and Beyond 3rd Feb, 2016

Sharing from IT leaders (HSBC and Oracle) 21st February, 2016

A trip to Ngong Ping Market 27th February, 2016

China Mobile (Hong Kong) Recruitment Talk 2nd March, 2016

Pizza and Sandwich Party 9th March, 2016

A trip to Huawei Open Day 22nd March, 2016

Scholarship Ceremony and Graduation Dinner 30th April, 2016