The Department of Information Engineering offers studentships to elite MScIE applicants and students in two ways:


MScIE offers two kinds of scholarships: admission scholarships which are awarded based on the applicants’ academic achievement prior to their MScIE studies; and MScIE academic achievement scholarships, which are awarded based on students’ academic performance during their MScIE studies. The scholarships recipients are selected by the MScIE management committee consists of the MSc Programme Director and professors from the Department of Information Engineering, and the amount of scholarships varies according to candidates’ qualification and achievement.  


The IE Department offers a few of tutorships to outstanding MScIE students with good potential in academic teaching and strong academic background. The tutorships recipients are recommended and elected by the IE professors during the first semester of their MScIE studies. The tutorships carry a monetary amount and the recipients will engage as teaching assistants in the IE undergraduate courses during the second semester.