Study Schemes

Students are required to complete 8 courses (or 24 credit units) for graduation. Two modes of study are offered:

Part-time Mode Study

  • Normative Study Period: 2 years
  • Maximum Study Period: 4 years

Full-time Mode Study

  • Normative Study Period: 1 year
  • Maximum Study Period: 3 years

Students are required to take eight courses and complete a minimum of 24 units of courses, up to 6 units of which could be non-ENGG/non-IEMS/non-IERG courses, including BMEG, CMSC, ECLTS, ELEG, MAEG and SEEM courses offered by other M.Sc. programmes from Divisions within the Faculty of Engineering; or up to 3 units of which offered by the M.Sc. in Information and Technology Management programme of M.Sc. in Business Analytics programme of the Faculty of Business Administration with code DSME, subject to approval of Divisions concerned.