2010. 09. 08

Dr. Fen Hou and Professor Jianwei Huang received Best Paper Award in IEEE GLOBECOM 2010

Dr. Fen Hou and Professor Jianwei Huang from the Network Communications and Economics Lab (NCEL) won Best Paper Award in the IEEE 2010 Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM 2010 ). The paper is titled “Dynamic Channel Selection in Cognitive Radio Network with Channel Heterogeneity”. IEEE GLOBECOM is a prime international conference in the area of communications. A total of 1315 papers were accepted by the conference this year, and 11 Best Paper Awards were given.

The paper was awarded for its contributions on the study of channel selection in cognitive radio network. Cognitive radio technology enables efficient utilization of the wireless spectrum by allowing secondary unlicensed users to operate in the licensed spectrum. To fully realize the benefits of cognitive radio technology, secondary source and destination nodes need to dynamically select the proper available channels for signaling exchanging and data transmissions. The channel selection problem is very challenging, mainly due to the dynamic and heterogeneous nature of channel availability in both time and location. This paper addresses the channel selection problem under dynamic and heterogeneous channel availabilities at different locations and time slots. More specifically, the paper formulates the maximum channel selection problem as a binary integer nonlinear programming problem and proves its NP-completeness. Then the paper designs a centralized graph-based matching algorithm, which minimizes the performance degradation due to channel mismatch among node pairs and achieves a close-to-optimal (higher than 95%) numerical performance. Furthermore, the paper designs a distributed algorithm that achieves good performance. The algorithm is based on a dynamically changing priority order, which is easy to implement in a distributed fashion while achieving good fairness among channels.

More detailed information about this paper and related research projects can be found at the Network Communications and Economics Lab (NCEL) website:

Our hearty congratulations to both them!!