2013. 05. 20

The Best Paper Award won in WiOPT 2013

Congratulations to Dr. Lin Gao and Prof. Jianwei Huang from NCEL (Network Communications and Economics Lab), who won a Best Paper Award in WiOPT 2013.

In this paper entitled "An Iterative Double Auction for Mobile Data Offloading", the authors proposed an iterative double auction mechanism for matching cellular base stations with third-party WiFi access points for efficient mobile data offloading. This enables the cellular service providers to effective reduce the stress on the network without long-term costly infrastructure upgrade. It is based on the collaboration with Dr. George Iosifidis and Prof. Leandros Tassiulas from University of Thessaly. Mobile data offloading is a key research area of NCEL, with another two recent publications in this year's Smart Data Pricing Workshop and WiOPT.

WiOPT focuses on performance modeling and optimization of wireless networks. The other Best Paper Award of WiOPT'13 was co-authored by Prof. Soung Liew's formal MPhil student Dr. Libing Jiang who got his Ph.D degree from UC Berkeley.

Best wishes for the continuing achievements of team works in the Lab!