2016. 07. 23

Final Year Project Awards 2015-16

This Departmental Award aims to give due recognition to outstanding Final Year Projects, foster students’ management and problem solving skills in technical projects.

The recipients of the Final Year Project Awards 2015-16 were:

  • [Group_A4] Smart Greenhouse - Application of Internet of Things (IoT)
    by Mr. NG, Ka Lung and Miss PUN, Hiu Ying (Supervisor: Professor CHAN, Chun Kit Calvin)
  • [Group_C1] Under-Sampling Based Fast and Low-Power Wideband Spectrum Reconstruction with Block Occupancy Pattern
    by Mr. CHEN, Yu (Supervisor: Professor CHEN, Minghua)
  • [Group_T2] Intelligent Pill Identifier through Computer Vision Algorithms
    by Miss LEUNG, Kit Yee (Supervisor: Professor LOY, Chen Change Cavan)

The award presentation will be arranged at the New IERGN/MIEGN Student Luncheon Gathering 2016 scheduled in early September when most of the students are invited to be the witnesses for that honorable moment. Congratulations to them!