2017. 12. 04

Congratulations to Prof. Chandra Nair for being elected as an IEEE Fellow for contributions to network information theory (effective from January 2018)

We are pleased to know that Prof. Chandra Nair has been elevated as an IEEE Fellow (class of 2018) for his contributions to network information theory.

His research interests and contributions have been in developing ideas, tools, and techniques to tackle families of combinatorial and non-convex optimization problems arising primarily in the information sciences.

In his early research career he considered random versions of combinatorial optimization problems; his doctoral thesis resolved a longstanding conjecture about the assignment problem and his post-doctoral work resolved another conjecture about the number partitioning problem. Upon joining as a faculty member in the Information Engineering department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, his research focus shifted to fundamental problems in network information theory. He has managed to solve a number of open problems and make substantial progress on others, the contributions for which he was elevated to IEEE Fellow. He was elevated to an IEEE senior member in late 2015.

He is a recipient of the 2016 Information Theory Society paper award# for developing a novel method to establish the extremality of Gaussian distributions for families of non-convex sub-additive functionals on probability spaces.

More information and details about his educational background and research can be found from his resume.

He serves as the programme director for the undergraduate programme on Mathematics and Information Engineering (MIEG). He also serves as the director of the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communication (ITCSC).


# Prof. Raymond Yeung and Prof. Robert Li obtained the same award in 2005 for the invention of network coding.