2020. 07. 09

The Charles Kao Top Performance Awards 2019-20 and The Final Year Project Awards 2019-20

We are excited to announce the recipients of the Final Year Project Awards and the Charles Kao Top Performance Awards 2019-20. These two Departmental Scholarship Awards were approved by the Department Executive Committee and established in May 2016 for rewarding the distinguished IERGN and MIEGN students.

The Charles Kao Top Performance Awards will be given to the top IERGN and MIEGN final year students with academic excellence in his/her major studies after completing the minimum requirement of 123 units. The awardees of 2019-20 are:

  • IERG - Mr. Tung-lam HO
  • MIEG - Mr. Chin-wa LAU

The Final Year Project Awards will be given to the Final Year Project group(s) in which the students have performed exemplary technical project management and problem solving skills. Selected by the Technical Programme Committee (TPC), the best three FYP group(s) of 2019-20 are:

  • Group E4 - Mr. Chun-fung CHOW (supervised by Dr. Marco HO)
    Project: A Location-based & Movement-based Instructional Simulation-RPG(Role-playing Game)
  • Group L2 - Mr. Chin-wa LAU, Mr. Tsz-wing YIP and Mr. Cheuk-lok YIU (supervised by Prof. Soung C Liew)
    Project: A Visual Block Programming Approach for OpenCV and TensorFlow with Google Blockly
  • Group Z2 - Mr. Tung-lam HO and Mr. Kai-chun LAM (supervised by Prof. Bolei ZHOU)
    Project: Developing Competitive Environments for Reinforcement Learning

Our hearty congratulations to them!