2022. 11. 12

Prof. Guoliang Xing's Team Won the Best Poster Award at SenSys 2022

We were excited to share that Prof. Guoliang Xing's team received the only Best Poster Award at the 20th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) in Boston. The poster is titled "Aaron: Compile-time Kernel Adaptation for Multi-DNN Inference Acceleration on Edge GPU," with Zhihe Zhao, his second-year PhD student, as the first author.

At the same conference, the paper titled "BlastNet: Exploiting Duo-Blocks for Cross-Processor Real-Time DNN Inference" was selected as one of the Best Paper Award finalists. This paper's first author is Prof. Xing's former student and current postdoc Dr. Neiwen Ning, and other authors include IE Prof. Zhenyu Yan, and Prof. Nan Guan from CityU.

SenSys is the ACM’s flagship conference on IoT and sensor systems, and received over 260 paper/poster submissions this year.