Advisory Committee

The Department of Information Engineering has invited leading IT professionals and business leaders to form an Advisory Committee that gives advice and guidance on student career opportunities and support on the further development. The composition and terms of reference for the Advisory Committee are as follows:

Composition (August 2014 - July 2016)
Chairman   Dr. C.K. Wong, iASPEC Services Limited

Members   Ms. Barbara Chiu, Cisco Systems (HK) Ltd.
Mr. Gang Guan, Tencent, Shenzhen
Mrs. Regina Suk-Yee Ip, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Principal Wing-Keung Kwok, Carmel Holy Word Secondary School
Mr. Andrew Lee, 21Vianet Group, Inc.
Dr. Daniel Lee, ASSIA Inc.
Mr. Michael Leung, China CITIC Bank International Limited
Prof. Xing Li, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Prof. Steven Low, California Institute of Technology
Mr. Charles Mok, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Mr. Jeffrey Wong, J.P.Morgan
Mr. Richard K.L. Wong, Aon Hong Kong Limited
Dr. Yang Yang, ShanghaiTech University, Shanghai
Dr. Feng Zhao, Haier, Beijing

Ex-officio Members   Ir. Dr. George Lee-Wah Sze, HKIE Representative
Dean, Faculty of Engineering, CUHK
Chairman and Members, Executive Committee of Department of Information Engineering, CUHK

Secretary   Executive Assistant, Department of Information Engineering, CUHK

Terms of Reference of the Advisory Committee: (1) To advise on academic and research plans. (2) To help foster cooperation with industry and government. (3) To give opinion on career advising for students in the Department.