IE Minor

Background and Mission

With the widespread deployment of information technologies and network systems, almost all professions (e.g., scientists, business executives, teachers) need a deeper understanding of information technologies and their applications.

To address such a need, the Department of Information Engineering is offering a new IE Minor Programme starting from the 2004/2005 academic year. The purpose is to equip students from other disciplines with a solid knowledge in telecommunications and networking.

Year one students from all disciplines (especially science, education, and business administration) are welcome to join the IE Minor Programme and get the following benefits:

  1. Add IT expertise in the resume for further career development;
  2. Apply to change to IE major - If students are interested in IE, they may apply to change their major programme;
  3. Pursue an IT career - Students minor in IE may apply for telecommunications and networking jobs;
  4. Apply for IE Postgraduate Study - Students who perform well in the IE minor programme may be considered for admission into various IE postgraduate programmes.

Minor Programme Requirement

Applicable for students admitted in 2022-23:

Required Courses
IERG2310/ESTR2300, IERG3310/ESTR3310
6 units
Elective Courses:
CSCI3150/ESTR3102, CSCI3160/ESTR3104, IERG3010/ESTR3300, IERG3050, IERG3280/ESTR3302, IERG3300/ESTR3304, IERG3320/ESTR3306, IERG4004/FTEC4004, IERG4030/ESTR4320, IERG4080/ESTR4312, IERG4090/ESTR4302, IERG4100/ESTR4304, IERG4110/ESTR4314, IERG4130/CSCI4130/ESTR4306, IERG4150/ESTR4322, IERG4160, IERG4180/ESTR4308, IERG4190, 4210, 4220, 4230, IERG4300/ESTR4300, IERG4320, IERG4330/ESTR4316, IERG4340, 4350, 5020, IERG5040/ENGG5392, IERG5090, IERG5100/ENGG5303, IERG5130, 5140, IERG5154/ENGG5301, IERG5200, 5230, IERG5240/ENGG5383, IERG5280, 5290, IERG5300/ENGG5302, IERG5310, 5320, 5330, 5340, 5350, 5590

12 units
  18 units

For students admitted in other academic years, please check the following:

Explanatory Note:
Students minoring in Information Engineering are required to declare which courses will be counted towards the fulfilment of the requirements of the Minor Programme in Information Engineering at their final term of attendance.

The above information is for your quick reference only. Please always refer to the version on CUSIS in cse of any inconsistency or ambiguity.

For detail course information, please refer to CUSIS.