Work Study

Our Work Study Programme (WSP) will be held in the summer of every year, in the belief that combining course work and industrial training will narrow the gap between academic training and practical training. Students can participate in the Work Study Program on a voluntary basis, one year before their final year of study. Each participant is required to spend about 1 year as a full-time employee in a selected local company, engaging in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Application Services. The student will continue his / her final year of study after the internship.

Application Procedure

  1. Positions Offered to all Engineering Students
    The application procedure will be synchronized with the other Engineering Departments. Position may be open to all Engineering students with different specification from Companies.

  2. Job Application
    Interested students should navigate for job advertisements posted. Select NOT more than 5 companies from the website postings (If there are more postings later, you can select one more). All applications will be processed by General Offices of Engineering Departments and sent out to the Companies in a batch. Please look at the instructions on the job advertisements carefully because some companies expect to receive applications from students directly.

  3. Call for Interview
    Candidates will be invited for interview around late March and early April of every year.

  4. Accepting Offer
    Companies will inform our Departments of their offers and we will contact the selected candidate and ask if he/she will accept the offer. IE Students should CONFIRM with the IE General Office whether you would accept the offer or not WITHIN ONE WEEK from the date of notice. If we do not receive any replies from you after that, we will assume that you would NOT accept the offer. Please note that once you accepted the offer, you CANNOT accept any others. Please DON’T call up the company by yourself.

  5. Leave of Absence from University
    After accepted the offer, IE students are required to fill in the Application Status Report at to keep us inform of the most updated status. It is very important to fill in the Employment Period for the leave application from CUHK. The IE General Office will send a batch of IE student names to the Registration and Examination Section for applying leave of absence with period filled in the Application Status Report. It is optional for IE students to send a copy of Appointment Letter to the IE General Office. The Letter will be kept in the student’s personal file and it will help provide more information for writing reference letter if needed.

  6. Enquiry
    Should you have any queries, please contact Ms. Karen Wong at 3943-8385 / E-mail: .

Application Status Report



For more information, please contact:

  1. WS Programme Director - Prof. Sherman Chow at; or
  2. WS Programme Coordinator - Ms. Karen Wong at