Useful information for IE/MIE Students

Work Study Programme

Our Work Study Programme (WSP) will be held in the summer of every year, in the belief that combining course work and industrial training will narrow the gap between academic training and practical training. Students can participate in the Work Study Program on a voluntary basis, one year before their final year of study. Each participant is required to spend about one year as a full-time employee in a selected local company, engaging in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Application Services. During the one-year internship period, students will be employed as a contract staff of the company and entitled to a monthly salary and subjected to the protection of the labour ordinance of the HKSAR. The student will continue his/her final year of study after the internship.


ActivitiesMonth of the Year
Recruitment TalkJanuary-April (during the 2nd semester)
From January to May
InterviewsFrom January (after the application deadline) – June
Offers made by
From February – June
12-15 months (the starting date can be immediately after the 2nd
term course examinations)

Application Procedure

  1. Job Application
    Eligible students interested in WSP should navigate to for new job advertisements. Select at most five companies from the website postings. Please carefully review the instructions and application methods on the job advertisements and submit your applications accordingly.
  2. Call for Interview
    Candidates may be invited for an interview arranged by the company he/she applied.
  3. Accepting Offer
    Selected students please inform/email IE General Office about your acceptance of an offer from the company. Our coordinator will advise you about the pertinent procedure on the application of Work Study Programme. Please note that once an offer is accepted, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to accept another one.
  4. Suspension of Study from University
    After providing all the required documents to IE General Office, we will issue an approval letter to the student and inform the Registration and Examination Section for the application of suspension of study during this period concerned.

Further details can be found at Special Notes on Work-Study Programme.


For other enquiries such as eligibility in applying the programme and application quota issue (for work study programme), please contact the department WS Programme Coordinator directly.

  • WS Programme Director – Prof. Guoliang Xing glxing [at]
  • WS Programme Coordinator – Ms. Yoyo Chan sychan [at]