Awards & Honor


Award recipient(s)Details
Mr. Shaoyang Yang (PhD)The demo titled “MuRa: A Scalable Mobile Ultra-wideband Testbed for Multi-node Ranging” received the Best Demo Award at ACM MobiSys 2024
Siyang Jiang (PhD)
Xian Shuai,
Guoliang Xing
The paper “ArtFL: Exploiting Data Resolution in Federated Learning for Dynamic Runtime Inference via Multi-Scale Training” received the Best Paper Award at IPSN 2024.
Dr. Heming Fu (RA)The demo titled “AD-CLIP: Privacy-Preserving, Low-Cost Synthetic Human Action Dataset for Alzheimer’s Patients via CLIP-based Models” received the Best Demo Award at IPSN 2024
Dr. PAN Xiang Won the 2024 ACM SIGEnergy Doctoral Dissertation Award
Prof. OUYANG WanliThe paper “Temporal-Channel Transformer for 3D Lidar-Based Video Object Detection for Autonomous Driving” won the 2024 IEEE Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (CSVT) Transactions Best Paper (co-authored)
Dr. HE Yuze (PhD alumna)
Prof. XING Guoliang
Prof. YAN Zhenyu
Prof. CHEN Honghai
Won Gold Medal at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG)
Prof. XING Guoliang
Dr. XIE Zhiyuan (PhD alumnus)
Dr. OUYANG Xiaomin (PhD alumna)
Won Silver Medal at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG)
Prof. YAN Zhenyu
Prof. XING Guoliang
Mr. HE Lixing (PhD)
Mr. HOU Haozheng (PhD)
Won Bronze Medal at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva (IEIG)


Award recipient(s)Details
Dr. HE Kaiming (PhD alumnus)Won the 2023 Future Science Prize
Mr. NG Ka Lok Lucien (MPhil alumnus)Won the Croucher Scholarships for Doctoral Study
Mr. CHAN Wai Lam (IERG undergraduate),
Mr. ZHOU Junda (MIEG undergraduate)
Won the The Charles Kao Top Performance Awards 2022-23
Mr. CHEN Zijie,
Mr. LI Pok Man and
Mr. LU Yixi (All IERG undergraduates)
Won the The Final Year Project Awards 2022-23
Prof. LI Cheuk TingWon the IEEE IT Society Best Paper Award
XIE Zhiyuan (PhD),
OUYANG Xiaomin (PhD),|
LI Pan , LU Wenrui ,
Prof. XING Guoliang ,
LIU Xiaoming
Won the MobiSys Best Paper
Xiaomin OUYANG (PhD)Won the Best Presentation Award at the Rising Star Forum
Miss Ziyi XU (PhD),
Mr. Chang CAI (PhD)
Their research project got into the Top 15 in the 1st IEEE ComSoc Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition. Miss Ziyi XU Won the 2nd prize in the competition.
Mr. WU Ka Lok (MPhil),
Mr. HUE Man Hong (Undergraduate, IE),
Miss TANG Ka Fun (Undergraduate, IE)
Prof. CHAU Sze Yiu
Won the Best Paper Award at the 16th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks (ACM WiSec 2023)
Miss HO Ka Man MandyReceived the IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Award 2022
Prof. XUE TianfanAwarded the CUHK Vice-Chancellor Early Career Professorship
Mr. ZHANG Haoyu (MSc, IE),
Mr. CHU Chun-to (Undergraduate, CS)
Mr. ZHANG Wenyu (PhD Statistics)
Won the First Prize Award in Huawei ICT Competition 2022-23
Prof. YEUNG Wai Ho, RaymondElected NAI Fellow 2022
Mr. ZHAO Zhihe (PhD),
Miss LING Neiwen (PhD) and
Prof. XING Guoliang
Won the Best Poster Award at the 20th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) 2022
Prof. YAN Zhenyu,
Prof. XING Guoliang,
Mr. SHI Shuyao
Won the Best Paper Award Runner-Up at the 28th Annual International Conference On Mobile Computing And Networking (ACM MobiCom 2022)


Award Recipient(s)Details
Prof. CHAN Yuen-yan RosannaAwarded the IEEE William E. Sayle II Award for Achievement in Education in 2021
Mr. Wong Tsz-Hin (Undergraduate, CS)
Mr. Chan King-kai Undergraduate, (CS)
Mr. Tsang Ho-san (Undergraduate, IE)
Mr. Chan Chun-wai (Undergraduate, IE)
Won the PwC HackaDay 2021
Mr. ZHANG Lihao (PhD)
Prof. WANG Taotao (2015 PhD Alumnus)
Prof. LIEW Soung-chang
Won the Best Student Paper Award in IEEE CPSCOM 2021
Mr. LIN Xingqin (2011 MPhil Alumnus)Received the 2021 IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Early Career Award
Prof. YAN ZhenyuAwarded “Rising Star Award” from ACM SIGBED China Chapter
Mr. HU Zihao (IERG undergraduate)
Mr. ZHOU Mingjun (MIEG undergraduate)
Won the Charles Kao Top Performance Award 2020-21
Mr. HUANG Jingdong and Mr. WONG Yu-wai;
Miss NG Tim-ying and Miss TSE Man-yan;
Miss CHAN Yin-hei Nicole and Mr. CHEUNG Pui-kin
Won the Final Year Project Awards 2020-21


Award recipient(s)Details
Prof. YEUNG Wai-ho RaymondNamed the recipient of 2022 Claude E. Shannon Award of IEEE Information Theory Society
Prof. ZHAO ChanghongThe paper “Optimizing DER participation in inertial and primary-frequency response” awarded the 2021 IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES) Prize Paper Award and one of the seven Best Papers of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (TPWRS) selected in 2021
Miss TSE Man-yan,
Miss NG Tim-ying
The Final Year Project “Face Untouchable” won the Third Prize (Information Technology Stream) in the 7th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Challenge Cup)
Dr. HO MarcoReceived the Vice-Chancellor’s Exemplary Teaching Award 2020
Mr. SHUAI Xian (PhD),
Mr. SHEN Yulin
Mr. TANG Yi,
Mr. SHI Shuyao (PhD),
Mr. Luping Ji,
Prof. XING Guoliang
The paper “milliEye: a Lightweight mmWave Radar and Camera Fusion System for Robust Object Detection” Won the Best Student Paper Award at IoTDI 2021
Dr. HO MarcoAwarded the University Education Award (Early Career Faculty Members) for 2020-21
Mr. LIN Xingqin (2011 MPhil Alumnus)Received the 2021 IEEE Communications Society Fred W. Ellersick Prize
Prof. LIEW Soung-changElected as HKAES Fellow of 2020
Mr. LIN Xingqin (2011 MPhil Alumnus)Won the IEEE COMSOC Best YP Award 2020
Prof. VONTOBEL Pascal O.Elevated to IEEE Fellow for his contributions to graphical models for channel coding
Prof. ZHAO ChanghongReceived the RGC Early Career Award 2020/21
Prof. LIEW Soung-chang
Prof. YEUNG Wai-ho Raymond
Mr. Aldous Ng (1993 IERG Alumnus)
(Founders of CU Coding Limited)
Won the Golden Award in The 1st Greater Bay Area 5G Application and Innovation Challenge
Prof. YEUNG Wai-ho RaymondAwarded the 2021 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal
Prof. CHAN Chun-kit CalvinElected to be a Fellow of The Optical Society (OSA) in the 2021 class