BEng in Information Engineering (IERG)

Minor in IERG

    • Declaration of Minor is open for application on CUSIS from October to May each year.
    • Please refer to the information on the website of Registration and Examination Section (RES) for the procedure and details.

    Minor Programme Requirement

    Students are required to complete a minimum of 18 units of courses as follows (applicable for students admitted in 2022-23):

    Required CoursesIERG2310/ESTR2300, IERG3310/ESTR33106 units
    Elective CoursesCSCI3150/ESTR3102, CSCI3160/ESTR3104, IERG3010/ESTR3300, IERG3050, IERG3280/ESTR3302, IERG3300/ESTR3304, IERG3320/ESTR3306, IERG4004/FTEC4004, IERG4030/ESTR4320, IERG4080/ESTR4312, IERG4090/ESTR4302, IERG4100/ESTR4304, IERG4110/ESTR4314, IERG4130/CSCI4130/ESTR4306, IERG4150/ESTR4322, IERG4160, IERG4180/ESTR4308, IERG4190, 4210, 4220, 4230, IERG4300/ESTR4300, IERG4320, IERG4330/ESTR4316, IERG4340, 4350, 5020, IERG5040/ENGG5392, IERG5090, IERG5100/ENGG5303, IERG5130, 5140, IERG5154/ENGG5301, IERG5200, 5230, IERG5240/ENGG5383, IERG5280, 5290, IERG5300/ENGG5302, IERG5310, 5320, 5330, 5340, 5350, 559012 units
    18 units


    • For students admitted in other academic years, please refer to the IERG minor requirement of the corresponding year on the Undergraduate Student Handbook
      (Undergraduate Student Handbook > Requirements of Major Programmes and Minor Programmes not listed under “Other Minor Programmes”)
    • Students minoring in Information Engineering are required to declare the courses to be counted for fulfillment of the minor programme requirement at their final term of attendance.