Useful information for IE/MIE Students

Information Engineering Awards for Academic Exchange (IE Award)

The Department Board of Information Engineering has approved to offer department awards to Information Engineering students. Regulations governing the awards are presented below and will be implemented starting 2013-14:


The award will support students who participate in the overseas exchange programme (summer exchange programme is not included) organized by the Office of Academic Links (OAL), The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The objective of this award is to encourage academic exchange and enhance global exposure for our students and prepare them for an international workplace.


  • IERG and MIEG full-time undergraduate students who have completed at least one term of study in the IE Department.
  • At the time the student complete the application for the IE Award, he/she should have a cumulative GPA ≥3.30.
  • The applicant should have accepted an offer from an overseas university through the exchange programme organized by the OAL.

The Scholarship

There shall be two levels of scholarships:

  1. Students with a cumulative GPA ≥3.50 at the time they complete their application for the IE Award will be granted HKD30,000.
  2. Students with a cumulative GPA in between 3.30 to 3.49 at the time they complete their application for the IE Award will be granted HKD20,000.
  3. A student can receive the IE award at most once during his/her studies in the Department of Information Engineering.

How to Apply?

Interested students can download the application form here. The completed application form and all the required documents should be submitted IN PERSON to the general office of the Department of Information Engineering at Rm 834, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building, at least 30 days before departure for overseas exchange.

The requisite documents include the following:

  1. The OAL Nomination Letter,
  2. Offer Letter from the Overseas University,
  3. The latest Academic Transcript printed from CUSIS
  4. Completed Application Form for Suspension of Studies in CUHK (can be downloaded at Registration and Examination Section (RES))