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Internship Opportunities

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and the Faculty of Engineering offer a range of internship opportunities for undergraduate students to enhance their career development. These opportunities are designed to provide students with practical experience in their field of study, as well as the chance to work with professionals in the industry. The internships are available through various channels, including the Placement and Internship Programme, Undergraduate Summer Research Internship, and Engineering Internship Programme, among others. Students can gain valuable skills and knowledge while building their professional network through these programs.

Placement and Internship Programme (PIP)


  • One-year industrial full-time placement before the final year
  • This 12-month internship program organized by the Faculty is a valid internship satisfying the requirements of ENGG1820.

To assist students in fostering their future career development, the Faculty of Engineering has initiated the Placement and Internship Programme (PIP) since 1975. Many students take the option of a one-year industrial full-time placement before they continue final year of study. They can involve in a supervised training in an organization normally for a period of twelve months, during which they will be exposed to the real industrial working environment and will take part in practical projects working together with experienced engineering professionals. The comprehensive and intensive training can provide the students with valuable work experience.

The Faculty also collaborates with companies to hold recruitment talks, technology seminars and workshops periodically such that students can keep abreast of the industrial trend.

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Undergraduate Summer Research Internship

Internship and Job Opportunities for All CUHK Students