Congratulations to Yubin Deng for being awarded in the Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards 2015

We are pleased to announce that our undergraduate student Deng Yubin, supervised by Prof. Cavan Loy Chen-change, has been awarded the Undergraduate Individual Champion in PCKKSCA 2015. His project titled “Pedestrian Attribute Recognition At Far Distance” facilitates the scientific research in the fields of visual surveillance, human re-identification and general computer vision.

The paper has been published in ACM Multimedia, 2014. It can also be viewed at

Another IE undergraduate student, Wai-keung Kuo, together with another 3 other teammates (Yiu-ting Chung and Wai-lam Cheung in Computer Science and Engineering; Pak-lam Lau in Financial and Actuarial Analysis) had also won the Undergraduate Group Champion.

Our heartly congratulations to them!

(The picture is extracted from CUHK Newsletter No.460)