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Math is our passion and Engineering is our profession.


This programme is offered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and Information Engineering to provide students with diversified and advanced knowledge in the interdisciplinary study of mathematics and engineering. This demanding and boutique programme aims at educating a new generation of cutting-edge information scientists who are well-trained in the basics of communications, computer networks, algorithm design, and formal mathematics.

Latest News

  1. For JUPAS applicants: The MIEG programme will put the greatest emphasis on Math and M1/M2 performance in HKDSE. This will override other factors like attendance in the interview. The programme invites all mathematically talented students to apply for admission. For more information regarding the programme and to answer your questions, please see the Zoom session organized below.
  2. For prospective applicants to CUHK: get to know the MIEG programme [ New ]
    Consultation Session on Zoom - 10:30am - 11:30am, on 7,15,22 July 2022 (Fri)
  3. Graduate Admission Results of the 2022 Class of MIE Graduates
  4. Congratulations to the 2022 Class for their outstanding undergraduate performance. 14 out of 16 graduating students have provisionally met the first honour requirement of the university. Congratulations!

Important Information

  1. The Presentation Slides for MIEG Programme (May 2022).[ New ]
  2. Notice for Change of Major to MIEG [ New ]
  3. The Presentation Slides for Major Allocation Talk (March 2022).
  4. Important updates for students considering MIEG as their major
  5. Academic advice for students considering MIEG as major
  6. More Choices for Major Electives: CSCI3130, 3150, 3230, 3320 and MATH2070, 3093, 3310, 3320, 3330, 3360, 4010, 4020, 4230 and 4280 are added to the major electives

For a graphical presentation of the programme contents and objectives, please refer to the poster below: