Bachelor of Science in Mathematics & Information Engineering (MIEG)

Academic advice for students considering MIEG as major

December 5, 2018


MIEG programme is a very challenging programme and is suitable only for students with a strong mathematical inclination. This advice is meant to help you (the students) gauge if the programme is suitable for you.

Points to consider:

  1. Your interest: Would you be interested in learning the mathematical foundations at a rigorous level on par with the math major students to supplement your engineering fundamentals, or would you be happy with learning mathematical tools and results that you can apply to solve engineering problems? If your answer is the latter, then MIEG is perhaps not the major for you.

    Remark: While most practicing engineers would only need a comfort level as indicated with the latter training, pursuance of theoretical research streams at the graduate level and beyond would be better served with the former training. MIEG programme is catered towards this niche group of students, further narrowing down to those having an interest broadly in the information and computer sciences.
  2. Your mathematical preparation: Have you enjoyed your math classes in high school? Have you done well in the first year math and physics classes? Do you have a penchant for abstract and formal mathematics? If your answer is yes to all of the above, then MIEG would be your natural home in the Faculty of Engineering.

    From the past cohorts of students who have taken the MIEG programme and did not have trouble with the demanding curriculum, these are some of the common indicators:
    • The students had an average GPA of 3.7 or more in all of their Mathematics and Physics classes that they had taken in their first year.
    • The students did not take MATH 1020, i.e. they did not have issues with the math placement test.
    • A grade of A- or above in MATH 1050, for those who took it in first year, is a good indicator of the suitability to this programme.

Remark: If you are unsure of your mathematical preparation then please feel free to make an appointment with Prof. Chandra Nair, the programme director, before filling your programme choices online by emailing him at

IMPORTANT: If MIEG is your preferred choice but you were not allocated: In the event that you did have verifiably good mathematical preparation using the indicators mentioned above and have a strong interest in the programme but did not get allocated to it, then you are strongly encouraged to appeal your allocation result during the appeal phase immediately after the allocation results are announced.